UNSW Canberra is reimagining the City’s east

The UNSW Canberra City campus will rejuvenate and transform the City's east.

UNSW Canberra has a proud history, partnering with Defence in Canberra for over 50 years. UNSW Canberra City will build on UNSW Canberra’s achievements, by creating a world class environment within Canberra’s parliamentary triangle.

The campus environment will provide a sense of place and pride in Canberra and will have an outstanding set of connected places, physical and digital. Students, staff, alumni, members of the local community, and partners from the defence and security community located adjacent to the campus, will come together to network, innovate, transform, learn and contribute to society.

Our urban design focuses on revitalising Constitution Avenue a landscape design that is beautiful, sustainable and enhances the local character of the precinct. The campus and buildings will be designed to grow with Canberra including a range of options to further enhance the location experience and long-term growth.

Key considerations

  • A new and improved community experience in the city’s east
  • Local and national industry participation
  • Urban and landscape design that will grow with Canberra
  • Partnering with other business and academic organisations on their existing site to establish shared learning spaces
  • Consultation with key stakeholders, to establish a clear vision for future developments

Committed to our community

UNSW Canberra is committed to a new and improved community experience that will rejuvenate the existing city site.

We invite the local community to get in touch with our development team with any queries or input you may have with regard to the new campus.

Information on construction, planning and project milestones will be updated regularly on this website on the NEWS AND EVENTS page or will be available through our newsletter, subscribe below.


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