UNSW Canberra City team

XXX – Establish a teaching, research and innovation ecosystem in Canberra that is aligned to UNSW’s commitment of becoming Australia’s global university.

XXX – UNSW has been proudly partnering with Defence in Canberra for more than fifty years. UNSW’s second Canberra campus will build on UNSW Canberra’s achievements, by creating a world class environment within Canberra’s parliamentary triangle. The new campus enables UNSW’s strategic priorities of academic excellence, social engagement and global impact to thrive. 

The campus environment will provide a sense of place and pride in UNSW and will have an outstanding set of connected places, physical and digital. Students, staff, alumni, members of the local community, and partners from the defence and security community located adjacent to the campus, will come together to innovate, transform, learn and contribute to society.

A precinct plan will identify the initial campus development while providing opportunity to significantly expand the campus once results from the initial stage help to shape the optimum strategic expansion path.

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