Opportunities For Engagement

Overview Planning Process

An overview highlighting the community opportunities for engagement 

The opportunity for community input to the master plan closes on Monday 18 May 2020 with a range of opportunities available for you to contribute. However, this is the first of many conversations UNSW Canberra will have with the community as we plan and deliver the Canberra City campus.

This table shows how we intend to stage the development engagement, yellow highlights community opportunities for input. More information on these stages, as well as timings associated, will be available as the project progresses.

In the interests of public safety during the COVID 19 situation, all face-to-face engagement activities for the UNSW Canberra City campus Master Plan have been refocused to online and remote engagement opportunities. These new channels have been established to ensure you can still contribute your ideas in the same way you would do in-person. We have also extended the community and stakeholder engagement program for another two weeks and added an additional online drop-in kiosk. Head over to the Have Your Say page to learn more.

05/05/2020 | Planning